Draw Write Now®, Book Eight

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Ages 5-9, Grades K-3
Correlated to the Common Core State Standards!
Part 2 in our Animals of the World series includes: Savannahs, Grassland Animals, and Mountains and Deserts.
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Correlated to the Common Core State Standards!!! See Correlations
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Our top selling Draw∙Write∙Now series is a great way to develop students’ writing, drawing, and reading skills! Each Draw∙Write∙Now book has 21 theme related drawing and writing lessons with easy to follow step-by-step instructions on 64 full color pages! Each drawing lesson has four handwriting practice sentences that relate to the drawing as well as questions that prompt discussion. In Savannahs, learn about the animals that call the savannahs of the world their home. . .Can a gazelle run faster than a cheetah? The Grassland Animals sections allow you to gallop across the steppes with a wild horse and raid an ant hill with an anteater while exploring eastern Europe and central Asia’s grassy plains. In Mountains and Deserts learn about the fascinating animals that inhabit the planet’s highest and driest places. Learn about them and, in the process, discover why Europe and Asia—although connected—are two continents.

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Draw Write Now, Book 8: Animals of the World, Dry Land Animals (Draw-Write-Now)

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