NEW! STEM/STEAM Poster - Critical Thinking

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Part of our NEW STEM/STEAM Poster line!
Poster measures 13 3/8" X 19"
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Our New Critical Thinking Poster is one of the "Four Cs" posters in our new STEM/STEAM Poster Set. This poster measures 19" high x 13-3/8" wide. Critical thinking involves analyzing problems in various ways. This poster also features the statements: - I can ask "what if?" and "why not?" questions. - I can solve problems. - I can analyze and compare. There are also images that correlate with these statements. The “Four Cs” – still deemed, by educators and employers alike, as essential for Preparing 21st Century Students for a Global Society. The Four Cs are considered key components of a solid STEM/STEAM education. Be sure to check out the other eight posters in our new STEM/STEAM Poster Set.