Picture This! Graphic Organizers (downloadable PDF)

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Ages 7+
Grades 2+
Teacher Resource
64 Pages
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The brain's ability to store pictures is unlimited! And, our ability to recall information increases sevenfold when we associate it with a visual image. The 64 pages in this highly praised book help teach us how to organize our thoughts "graphically" so we can better capture and remember our ideas. Included are 29 reproducible Graphic Organizers and instructions on how to use them for capturing everything from the elements in a story to the sequencing of activities... and much more! The book is organized in sections for the development of distinct reading and writing skills. These valuable instructional tools will help you better understand your students' progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses, thought processes and comprehension strategies. You'll almost be able to see your student's brain expand as they master this valuable life long skill! 64 pages