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UPDATED! E-Z Edit™ Paper

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Ages 5+, Grades K+
50 double-sided, loose-leaf sheets of E-Z Edit™ Paper
Each sheet of paper measures 8.5" x 11"

We are very excited to introduce our newly enhanced E-Z Edit Paper Packet -- now with twice as many sheets of E-Z Edit™ paper! Designed by a professional journalist, E-Z Edit paper makes it easy to help students strengthen their writing skills. The packet includes 50 double-sided sheets of paper that have alternating white and yellow lines. The students write on the white lines, the “editors” (teachers, parents, fellow students, etc.) make their corrections and comments on the yellow lines. There is a yellow box on the bottom of each page for detailed explanations, spelling reminders and other helpful tips. And, because the lines are numbered, it’s easy to reference a comment back to a specific sentence on the page.

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